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Water Travel Options and Benefits

Even though you can prefer air travel, you should know that it is harmful to the environment. The main reason why air travel is harmful to the environment is that planes directly emit greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. Therefore, the best way, which is known to be a greener way of traveling around the entire world other than train travel, is water travel. Through water travel, you will know some of the beautiful places in the entire world, and you will have fun and enjoy as you travel. And so, if you have not experienced travel the world by water, then it is right time you should make this great decision. Therefore, there are some of the ways to travel the world by water that you should know. And so, going through this article will be beneficial to you since you will know the unique ways to travel the world by water.

Firstly, one can decide to travel the world on a freight ship. Most individuals currently who do not prefer air traveling prefer using freight ships for transport to different parts of the world. One of the things that can come in mind as you think of this sort of transport is a trans-Atlantic trip. Using a freight ship is different from using a plane to travel to different beautiful corners of the world because, with this, your trip will take you anything from a few days to some months. If you decide to travel by plane, you will only have to use a few hours, and this, therefore, means that water travel through freight ship is not for everyone. And so, if you prefer water travel, then it can be one of the best unique ways to travel the world by water.

Sailing through the world’s longest rivers is the second unique way explored in this article to travel the world by water. River Nile and Amazon are the most well-known entries to two attractive continents. Therefore, the best route that a cruise can be started on is Aswan to Luxor. One can also decide to start in Cairo. It is, therefore, important to choose a cruise that will use the route to where Aswan Dam and Lake Nasser are located to enable you to tour around such places as you might have desired. In other words, you will tour to different places depending on the cruise you will choose. Also note that if you wish to tour places that are all about the rainforest and especially natural reserves, then you need to choose a cruise that will pass through places like Brazil, Ecuador, and Peru.

Another unique way to travel the world by water is island hopping in the Mediterranean. One of the best ways you can use to spend your summer is to tour around Mediterranean Island on a sailing boat. And so, it is important to take a step of renting a sailing boat with a skipper to make this tour one of a lifetime. It is, therefore, important to make the cost a bit affordable by choosing some friends to join in.

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